Startup FAQs

How do I fund raise / get to pitch at an AngelCentral pitch day?

All founders who are keen to raise an angel funding round are encouraged to submit their details to us via our online form. Our partners will review the submitted information, and contact the founder for clarifying questions if any. From there, the partners will shortlist and invite the suitable startup founders for face to face interviews. At these interviews, our partners will evaluate the business further on its progress and fundraising readiness, and invite those of exceptional quality to pitch at our monthly events.

Please note that AngelCentral does NOT train startups on its presentation skills, nor do we vet or improve your presentation materials.

Due to the volume received and limited pitch capacity, not all companies will be invited to participate in the pitches. We will share interesting and up and coming startups on the platform for our angel-members to explore and discover for their personal investment work. Please note that AngelCentral does NOT match, recommend and advise on investment decisions for our members.

Do I need to pay to participate in a pitch day?

No, you do not.

You will have to sign an agreement to pitch at AngelCentral pitch days and pay a refundable deposit S$1000. The agreement asks that you agree to us forwarding your submitted deck to AngelCentral members for pitch day marketing; also you agree to keep us posted when you receive funding interests that result from AngelCentral activities. We want to know if we have been effective in helping the angel funding process. In addition, all AngelCentral pitch sessions are videoed and photographed.

The intellectual property rights of these videos and photographs belong to AngelCentral, and you will consent to us using footages containing you or your images for AngelCentral’s publicity initiatives in any format or medium, and also for our internal activity archiving purposes. As soon as you close your fundraising and update us your completion round details, we will refund you the deposit.

For startups that raised successfully via an AngelCentral syndication, they are required to pay a flat fee to defray the syndication administrative cost.

What are the key things AngelCentral look for from startups to participate in the pitch day?

Upon receiving your information online, our partners will evaluate the startup’s fund raising readiness, based on their past experience and knowledge. Our partners are exited startup founders and seasoned corporate executives; they have collectively some 20+ years of startup mentoring and investing experiences between them.

For startups they find interesting, they will arrange face to face interviews, or teleconferencing with startups not based in Singapore. Such sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes.

Key assessment areas: the founding team, market opportunity, business model, product / solution.

Very often, being experienced venture builders themselves, our Partners will provide feedback to the founders too during these sessions, regardless if the team is selected for pitch eventually.

What happens after I submit my application online?

Typically we need some 2-4 weeks to review the received information. Every month we receive some 40-60 applications - due to the volume, we can only reply to those we have shortlisted for next step.

After finding out more about your business, our partners will decide whether to feature your startup to our community of investors. This can be done either through our online platform, monthly pitch days, or both. (You will receive relevant email notifications.)

If you did not hear back from us at all, it's very likely because our angels will not be suitable investors based on what they fund usually. Most common reasons are no traction, team not experienced enough, valuation way too high or simply space is not suitable for angel investing. We recommend that you keep on working and update us in 6-12 months on your progress by then.

I need AngelCentral to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I will send my information online.

We regret that we will not sign any agreement of any nature regarding the startup fundraising applications. You should reveal information that you are comfortable to reveal in your application. In addition, you should only reveal information that you have the right to reveal.

Note that AngelCentral does not share individual startup company related information with external parties.

I know the AngelCentral founders personally, and I have already emailed them my details.

Yes, that’s great. But we still need you to submit via the online form. It's to help us manage and track our workflow better, so that we do not miss any companies.

I would like to meet up with AngelCentral before submitting my information online.

Due to the volume we receive, we do not have the bandwidth to meet with founders. All information submitted via the platform is only accessed by the AngelCentral team for deck review and administrative purpose work. Startups that passed our review and curation are then "activated" on the platform and accessed by the AngelCentral members (investors).

What is AngelCentral's role?

AngelCentral's role is that of a technology platform provider and admin/secretarial service to help the startup and angels with coordination & administrative work. We do not provide any corporate and financial advisory services, due diligence services, or investment advice of any sort to both the startup and angels.